What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong Is Getting a Bio Podcast From the ‘Inside Jaws’ Team

By February 16, 2019 February 20th, 2019 POPS!

“Good Girls” star Reno Wilson will narrate “Pops,” playing the part of the jazz icon

What a wonderful world indeed: “Pops,” a podcast about the life of music legend Louis Armstrong, is the next project from the team behind the “Inside Jaws” podcast. “Good Girls” actor Reno Wilson will play Armstrong, narrating his life story, in the series expected to premiere in early 2019.

The six-part series is written by Mark Ramsey, writer and host of “Inside Jaws,” “Inside Psycho” and “Inside The Exorcist,” with sound design by his production partner, Jeff Schmidt. Ramsey told us about the project at the 20-minute mark of our latest “Shoot This Now” podcast, which you can listen to on Apple or right here:

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